3130 Addison Rd. – Lakeview H.


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Enjoy sunny afternoons on your ebike exploring nearby wineries or hiking the many nature trails of waterfront Kalamoir park, Lamont Park or Mount Boucherie. 3130 Addison is situated on a flat 0.21 acre corner lot, right in the heart of Lakeview Heights. Grocery stores and large box stores are all within a very short drive; as are all of the schools. This renovated 3 bedroom, 3bathroom home with a full equipped basement wet bar will excite any family seeking an easy to maintain floorplan with RV parking, covered deck and excellent pride of ownership. The roof is approximately 4yrs old and hot water tank is 2014. A total of 2200+sqft of space with the master bedroom, ensuite, guest bedroom and guest bathroom located upstairs with the kitchen, living room, dining area and large covered deck. Electrical in place to add a hot tub off deck or renovate to enclose this space to more interior space. Beautiful natural light up and down with good use of yard that could be fully fenced. Homeowners are building another home so they are seeking to close sooner and rent back at fair market rates; or close a sale December 15.

Link to floorplan 

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    • Bedrooms:3
    • Bathrooms:3
    • Garage:1
    • Lot Size:0.21 Acres
    • Building Size: 2215 Acres
    • Basement:1
    • Floors:2
    • Total Rooms:-

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