Before searching the MLS® real estate system, Goldilocks Estates recommends that you first become familiar with British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan valley; especially if your plan is to live in a central Okanagan city like Kelowna. There is alot to learn about Kelowna and a few initial questions you should consider are whether or not it is important that you live near your place of work? Are you hoping to be within walking distance from your childrens’ schools? Are you seeking a central or remote location? Do your medical needs require you to be close to a Hospital?

Whatever these answers may be, let’s get started with LOCATION!

There are two ways of taking your first step towards a real estate purchase. The first would require your time to research the Kelowna and Okanagan neighborhoods , while your second and much easier option would be to hire Goldilocks Estates to DO THE WORK FOR YOU at NO COST! All you need to do is provide us with your home details and we’ll match you with a suitable Okanagan neighborhood. Whichever way you would prefer starting, we look forward to helping you find an Okanagan home just right for you and your family.