• DO utilize free online tools to arm you with as much knowledge as possible. If you can’t find your real estate answers on GoldilocksEstates.com, be sure to also research www.ColdwellBanker.com

• DO access and closely review your credit score. A sound financial track record and solid credit score can help lock in a loan and lower interest rates. Check your records in advance to catch any errors ahead of time, and to better understand how lenders may perceive you.

• DO explore mortgage pre-approval. Getting this early green light will help others who are involved with your purchase, recognize that you are serious about home ownership – and well-qualified.

• DO line up your “all-star” team of professionals before game day. A team of experienced professionals will be the key to making the home buying process simple and seamless. Start by interviewing and selecting a sales representative who you “connect” with. We will also help put you in touch with a lawyer, mortgage lender, home inspector and any other third parties who play a role in the process of assisting you with purchasing real estate in the Okanagan, British Columbia or abroad.

• DO anticipate your future needs and buy for lifestyle. Try to anticipate how long you’ll live in your next home and plan for major lifestyle changes when possible. What may make a perfect starter home for a couple might not work as well when children come into the picture.

• DO hone in on your housing priorities. Your ideal home may have a porch, a pool and five full baths. But before you start looking, make sure to separate your “must-haves” from your “nice to haves,” so you know where you can compromise to meet your budget.

Are you wondering if there is a “Don’t” list?
Stay tuned for our next column, or better yet, Contact Goldilocks now to learn more.


Once you have an unconditional accepted offer on your new home, you’ll want to start organizing your move for possession day. To help you get organized, Goldilocks would like to share a link that will help you get this move organized and put into action quickly. Click here.