The Okanagan is Canada’s four season playground.

In the summer we soak up the sun while sipping wine, floating on lake Okanagan and playing golf till our bodies give out. In the winters, we like to curl up around a fireplace after a long day of skiing, skating and snowmobiling on one of four major ski hills. Our lifestyle is simply divine; just ask our large population of retired baby boomers!

Kelowna is the Okanagan’s flagship city. It is the central hub of the region and continues to rapidly evolve, resembling more and more a trendy West Coast city. With the drastic expansion of business infrastructure, growth of the University of British Columbia and Kelowna’s International Airport, many professionals and savvy entrepreneurs are relocating to our region for the vast investment and employment opportunities.

For those that prefer to be ‘removed yet not remote’, you don’t have to go far to escape Kelowna’s hustle and bustle. Drive thirty to sixty minutes, west or east, and enjoy the quiet, quaint beachside towns of Naramata, Peachland or Oyama.

steps to buying in kelowna


We’ve kept it fun & easy!

1.) REASEARCH THE AREA. If you are looking to plant your roots in the Okanagan, we recommend that prior to contacting your REALTOR®, all out-of-town buyers should start researching Kelowna and any surrounding communities that may be of interest.

Location is likely your highest priority. You may want to be close to work and school, or perhaps near your place of worship. Whatever the case may be, determine what is most important to you before selecting the neighborhood of your choice. Research the Okanagan Now.

tiny mortgage specialists2.) MORTGAGE SPECIALIST. Once you’re done researching, talk to a Mortgage Specialist. We have some excellent consultants in the area. Although you may feel certain about what you are qualified to purchase, thinking and knowing can make a world of difference. Save yourself some time and heart ache by checking with a mortgage specialist about the terms and conditions available with various lenders. This is a very important process, as financing options will vary based on the stability of the economy and real estate market. A volatile economy could mean fewer options that could assist you with arranging terms to your satisfaction; such as lower mortgage payments on a longer amortization period. Please address your equity concerns with a mortgage broker, bank advisor or credit union before calling your REALTOR®. Contact a Mortgage Broker Now.

 3.) COMPLETE A BUYER REGISTRATION FORM. It’s time to put your REALTOR® to work! Your time is valuable and we realize that most of you don’t have the patience to surf the web for the perfect home. Even if you think you’ve already found it, viewing a property in person can be entirely different than what you first expected online; especially when you are purchasing from a developer. Leave this work to a real estate professional who knows your area of interest and can make some excellent recommendations at no additional cost to you. Remember, the buyer doesn’t compensate us for our efforts. The real estate commission is the responsibility of the seller. Click here to register.

banner4.) LET’S GO LOOKING!

Your REALTOR® will prepare your offer with some standard and custom clauses that will protect you as a buyer. Some clauses will be conditions with a subject removal date. These conditions must be removed by both the buyer and seller on or before the subject removal date to keep the contract from collapsing .

The reason we arrange a subject removal date is so the buyer can have a chance to secure their financing, hire a property inspector to locate all hidden defects on the home as well as address any encumbrances that may affect the sale or enjoyment of the property. If the buyer is unable to remove the conditions by the subject removal date, the deal collapses and the deposit will be returned to the buyer after a release form is signed by both the buyer and seller.

If the subjects are removed, the contract is then considered unconditionally sold and a lawyer or notary public of your choice will assist you with closing on the sale of your new home.

If you would like to purchase a home that is listed with Goldilocks Estates or another real estate agent with RE/MAX Kelowna, it is imperative that we be granted permission, in writing, to represent both yourself and the seller while executing a contract of purchase and sale. In order to fairly represent both yourself and the seller, your real estate agent must remain impartial to the transaction. This means, no price or motivation should be discussed with your REALTOR®. We are prohibited to offer advice; however, Goldilocks Estates will ensure that you have all the necessary market information to make an informed decision to purchase. Ready to shop for an Okanagan home? Contact Goldilocks Estates now.

6.) FINTRAC INFORMATION. Once we have reached an unconditional accepted contract of purchase and sale, the Canadian Real Estate Association now requires an additional piece of photo Id to confirm your identity. A license copy or passport photocopy will suffice. If you are purchasing from out of town and we are unable to verify your identity, you are required to have another licensed real estate professional sign on our behalf. This new procedure is intended to reduce mortgage fraud, money laundering and identification theft in the Canadian Real Estate Market. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, we encourage you to visit the Fintrac website.

movingday7.POSSESSION DAY! Hopefully, you’ve reduced your stress load by printing off a moving checklist.  Download checklist now. We’ll see you at your new home.

 8.) ULTIMATE SERVICE SURVEY. The Most Important and Final Step: filling out a customer satisfaction survey. Our job is to provide an ultimate service that meets, if not exceeds, your expectations of a real estate agent. Goldilocks Estates prides itself on strong client relationships and customer satisfaction.

Our greatest pleasure is not only helping you, but also having the chance to assist your friends and family members. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to read our testimonials.